A Glimpse of Okada Manila

Out of the blue, today we went to Okada Manila, and totally mesmerised, I wanted to share the photos I took hence this post. We ended up just going to the hotel lobby part of Okada, as I think most parts of the hotel isn’t finished yet, but even though I’ve only been to that part of the hotel, I can’t wait to see more as it becomes further developed!


Pretty lights! Haha, I think casino hotels share the same trait (at least Okada and Solaire does!), that is they all have pretty light fixtures.


Lobby lounge. I love the ambiance here. The chairs are all really comfy too which is always a plus!


Such pretty decoration! I was really amazed by these decors – very eye-catching indeed.


Especially this one!! Aaah, the details = really pretty! *u*


We ordered several drinks. I got their hot chocolate which I found to be very bland; definitely not ordering that again lol. The matcha cookie that came with the drink was quite good though.


From 5 to 7PM, there’s the World of Wonders performance. Every 20 minutes or so, I think they do different types of performances to entertain the guests present at the lobby.




The performance we watched was really entertaining, though I think that’s probably me just stating the obvious, haha.


We ordered their heart chocolate cake (forgot it’s name). Haha, maybe I was being naive, but I expected the cake to be, literally, heart-shaped, so I was a tad bit disappointed when this arrived instead. Anyway, the cake was alright, not too sweet. What I didn’t like was that there was a small fly that hovered around the cake while I was taking a photo of it.


The other cake we ordered was their chocolate matcha cake (again, can’t remember its proper name). Not sure if it was served to us or what, but this didn’t really taste even remotely matcha. Didn’t really like the texture of this one too.

Service was a bit slow. We had to repeatedly ask for water and our bill, and it took quite a while for them to give us water and our bill (as well as the change too). Then again, I guess that’s a bit understandable as I believe Okada has just recently opened. Still, we expected better from such an establishment. Although in fairness, the servers were very friendly.


As we were leaving, we managed to catch one more performance.





I think that right now, there’s not much to see in Okada yet, but I think it’s definitely a place to go to in the coming months once it’s complete. I myself am looking forward to coming back and seeing the improvements.



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