Snapshot: Causeway Bay, HK

Okay, so in the coming days my  posts will more or less be about my recent trip to Hong Kong last December 2016. Haha, I was planning to post them earlier, but I was quite busy last month and ended up neglecting them. Ah, anyway, better late than never!

For this post, I will be focusing on Causeway Bay. As we were staying at Wan Chai, Causeway Bay is just a stone’s throw away.


Nights at Causeway Bay. For me, must places to visit if you love buying clothes would be their huge Forever 21, H&M, Uniqlo outlets. If you love cosmetics or well, facial care products, there are also a lot of Sasa outlets that you can find in Causeway Bay.


We often just ride a tram going to Causeway – 5 minutes (or sometimes less than!) in and we’re already there. I love how convenient trams are, although during rush hour they can get really full.



In different times of day, there are lots of people already here in Causeway Bay, strolling and shopping. The only time that there weren’t such a huge influx of people was when we went at around 9AM – hehe, though that might be because stores were still closed at the time.


!! I’m a sucker for these kinds of things. Haha, I found these gacha to be unique however, as you don’t actually drop coins or whatever to get them – instead, you use an Octopus card instead to pay for it. Super ~high tech~ haha.


I played this one!! Can’t resist them cute doggies.


And I got this! ❤ Haha, not exactly the one that’s tagged as big size, but I am quite pleased with the one I got.















As we went during the Christmas season, there were these cute and very unique Christmas trees being displayed at the Fashion Walk.


Haha, found this Christmas display by Ted Baker to be really funny – couldn’t resist getting a shot!



Some street signs and store signs in Causeway Bay.


!!! I love how Gudetama is also such a hit in Hong Kong!


Times Square. Where you can find a Lane Crawford.


Escalators in Times square. Haha, so many people!!


There was one time where we ended up walking back all the way to Wan Chai, to Novotel Century, the hotel we were staying at. It was a very long walk, and for me, I’d rather ride a tram – very convenient. Haha, but at least we were able to see this truck. It sells Sanrio products, well, coin gifts. Not sure what that means though.


This isn’t actually Causeway Bay anymore, but this is part of Wan Chai – this is where we wait for the tram to take us to Causeway.


Again, so many people.


In Hysan Place located at Causeway, they had a Ferrero display. I love the Ferrero Rocher x Vivienne Tam dress! Apparently, this one is made with the use of Ferrero Rocher wrappers.


Look at them little details. *u*


There were also other dresses in display, but obviously the one in front is the main star.



When we were on our way home, we stumbled upon a street performance.



We thought it was a one-time thing, but when we went back the night after, the same street performer was doing this thing.


View from the tram as we headed back to our hotel.


Just thought this looked kind of cool, haha!


Ending this post with a photo of the Gudetama display that we stumbled upon in Causeway Bay.


That’s the end of this post, but I have more HK content to put up on the blog in the coming days.


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