Mizu & Tin Gow @ Waterfront Cebu

There are quite a number of restaurants to choose from in Waterfront Cebu and two of them are Mizu and Tin Gow. Mizu is the hotel’s Japanese restaurant, and it means ‘water’ in Japanese. On the other hand, Tin Gow is their Chinese restaurant. However, there are still loads of dining options to choose from aside from the restaurants inside the hotel, as IT Park is walking distance from Waterfront Cebu.



We started our meal with some gyoza.


Spicy tuna rolls. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Menchi katsu. Katsu’s one of my favorite Japanese dishes ever so whenever katsu’s available on the menu, it’s almost always part of my order, haha. I found their Menchi katsu to be quite bland though, honestly speaking.


Soba! I think this is the first time I’ve been able to try out cold soba, and I definitely liked it.


And this is the main and only reason as to why I wanted to try dining at Mizu: US Kobe Beef! Still, admittedly, I was let down by this dish. It wasn’t at par (at all! ;vvv;) with the Kobe Beef that I was able to try when we went to Japan. Not worth the expensive price (3,699 PHP) we paid for it. \regrets ;www;




Chinese food is always yummy! Aha, I wasn’t able to take individual photos of the food we tried out, but I was able to take a group shot!(*´▽`*)

What I liked best were the following:

-Sizzling beef: The second time we went back it wasn’t sizzling though so it kinda lost its appeal for me. But the flavor is consistent so that’s a good thing!

-Siomai: Their siomai’s really good. If I remember correctly, their siomai was pure pork so that’s a plus as I don’t like shrimp.


Waterfront Cebu also has an Italian restaurant and it’s called La Gondola. I wasn’t able to dine inside the restaurant the last time we went, instead, we had our order delivered to Tin Gow, where we ate. Actually, if you want to have additional order in another restaurant while you’re eating at a different one, you can do so.


All meat pizza. It was so yummy! Definitely something I’ll order if ever we come back to Waterfront on our next Cebu trip.


Hands-down one of the best carbonara I’ve ever had. I scarfed it down in minutes, haha. (゜▼゜*)


All these restaurants can be found inside Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino, Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City.



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