Acqua, Shangri-la Mactan

One of the best beach resorts that can be found in Cebu would be Shangri-la Mactan. Personally, I like it best out of all the resorts I’ve been. Beach? Wonderful. Service? Great. Food? Yum. There are a handful of restaurants located in Shangri-la Mactan, but my favorite would have to be Acqua, which is located at the Ocean Wing, Poolside.


Look at that beautiful view!! It’s not only the food that’s great here, but also, well, the view lol. The service here is really great too, all the servers have ready smiles on their faces, and they are quite knowledgeable about the menu. The ambiance is really nice too.


The place is very large and spacious, although, during peak season I imagine that it can still get quite cramped here.


I’ll never tire of this view, haha.


Before our food arrived, they served us complimentary bread. Which I think you can ask refills of. Anyway, I actually liked the dip that came with the bread, although I’m not quite sure what it is.


Big plates are big! We got their spinach ravioli and seafood risotto (forgot what its called). I like the changes they’ve made with regards to the kind of plate they use to serve their dishes. I also like their overall new way of plating their food, haha. ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒


I don’t know what it is with ravioli, but these days, I find myself craving for it. Aaaah, I’ve got to say that Acqua’s ravioli is one of the best I’ve had so far. The ravioli’s just right, and the sauce compliments the whole dish. I also liked the way the spinach – which was creamed, I think as the texture is really smooth. Also, ++ points because the spinach isn’t overpowering the dish, because I’ve noticed in some of the ravioli that I’ve got the chance to eat, the spinach was.. Well, it wasn’t good.


Risotto!! Better than normal rice. This is so good.


We also ordered pizza. We ordered one of their white-sauce based pasta, the Carbonara Pizza, which was really good too. I usually don’t like thin-crust pizza, but I really did like this one.


All of our orders during out last visit! Anyway, we availed of our Golden Circle Reward Points (points accumulated from previous stays, or even during previous visits to other Shangri-la hotel restaurants), and we ended up only paying around 200+ PHP  (roughly around US $5) for all of our food! σ(≧ε≦o)

Anyway, here are some of the dishes we got last December 2015. o(^◇^)o


I also wanted to order lasagna during our last visit, but with only the three dishes we got, I was already really full. Anyway, their lasagna’s also very delicious.


Bolognese! I don’t really find this dish to be anything special, but regardless, it’s still quite good too.


I think this is the way they used to plate their risotto, and as I have said, I very much prefer the way they do it now. The flavor hasn’t changed, it’s still just as yummy.


That’s the end of my post! If you want to read more about Shangri-la Mactan, I also wrote a blog post about the resort here. Anyway, thanks for reading! ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽




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