District on 53rd, Cebu

I consider IT Park as one of the foodie places in Cebu as there are a lot of cafes and restaurants here. Since IT Park is surrounded by call centres, a lot of the restaurants here are open late. There are several bars in the area too, for those people who are into that kind of scene. Anyway, I used to frequent IT Park a few years ago, but as the place just feels too cramped and congested, nowadays we steer clear of it. Still, whenever we pass by the area, I couldn’t help but notice this (sort of) new place – District on 53rd. A couple of weeks ago, we finally had the chance to try it out.


Ambiance is really nice and the place as a whole is very photogenic. I really like the wine display, I think it adds to the charm that this place exudes.


They have a lot of cakes and several types of pastas and sandwiches on display in their chiller. They also offer ice cream, which we didn’t get to try during our visit.


I honestly think that this is such a cute way to serve coffee!


Pasta. Forgot what it’s called as I didn’t choose it from the menu – instead, I chose what to eat from what they had on display. Didn’t really like this so much though as I found it to be quite bland for my taste.


The bulk of our order. I was going for a sort of creative food blogger shot, haha!


My aunt ordered this. I can’t remember, but I think it’s a ham and cheese sandwich. Didn’t really like the sauce (mayo?) they used, but I never did like mayo. Still don’t. Also, the fries did sort of disappointed me – they seemed to be the sort that you can get in supermarkets.


Pizza bread! I liked this one. Haha, funny story: While we were there, a butterfly somehow got in and it decided to land on the pizza when it was served, drifting away after a few seconds.


Cookie. Forgot what it’s called (lol why do I even bother blogging about food icant), but it was actually pretty nice.

They also offer free wifi, which is a must for most establishments these days. Service was good, the servers were very attentive and all smiles. The food also did not take long to arrive, but then again, they only had to reheat it. Overall, I did enjoyed our visit to District on 53rd.


District on 53rd is located at Filinvest Cebu Cyberzone, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City.


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