Hausbrandt, Cebu

I’ve been gone for almost a month and a half. For that, I apologise! It’s just that I’ve been a wee bit busy with real life (read: I’ve been binge watching tv shows lol). The fact that I’m currently staying at a place with no stable wi-fi connection, well, that doesn’t really help with my situation. Now, on to my first post after ages.

New coffeeshops have been popping out left and right in Cebu. One of the coffee shops that have caught my eye would be Hausbrandt – it caught my interest due to the following factors: First, I keep on hearing their radio ad. Second, it’s very near the place I’m currently staying at. Lastly, after a brief search about it, I found out that it also has branches in different parts of the world, so I really was intent on trying it.

According to their website, “The brand “Specialità Caffè Hausbrandt” was founded in 1892. Hausbrandt became the first company to offer products that were processed and packaged in sealed metal containers at the production plant.” The first store was opened in Trieste, Italy. I think it’s also worth noting that this branch of Hausbrandt is the first in the Philippines.

Ambiance is very good. Depending on where you are seated, it can get pretty cold. Like, really cold. So best bring a jacket if you plan on staying here for a long while. There are also quite a lot of sockets here, so whilst drinking coffee and enjoying the company of a friend or a family member (or maybe you’re the type to sit alone while stirring your coffee and brooding lol), you can just re-charge your phones or laptops.

Anyway, I’ve been to Hausbrandt a couple of times already since the first time I went, and my experience with Hausbrandt has always been good. From the warm service to the food and drinks, everything is pretty rad (lol).





Their food selection is pretty limited, but I think it’s what you could more or less expect of coffeeshops nowadays. They offer breakfast meals, pasta, sandwiches, cakes, and cookies. In terms of their food, I haven’t really tried much, but I like their peanut butter cookie – these days I have intense craving for peanut butter, and did this cookie satisfy it. Momentarily, anyway lol. I also like that their cookie isn’t that expensive too.


I also tried their iced chocolate drink and their hot chocolate drink, and aside from the temperature and hotness/coldness of the drink, the taste doesn’t really differ that much, if at all.


What I really wanted to try was their affogato. To be frank, I don’t like coffee, I’ve just never acquired the taste for it. I found, however, the mixture of bitterness and sweetness that one can find in affogatoactually made me forget my distaste for it. For the first time in a long time, I did enjoy my coffee-based drink. I also like the fact that they use Italian gelato in their affogato.


They have free wi-fi connection, but you have to ask for a piece of paper where a password for the wi-fi is scribbled on. Per slip of paper, you can only use it for one device. Also, there’s a time limit of two hours (I think!) per slip, but you can always ask for another one. Their internet connection is quite fast, though that might be because when I went, there weren’t really that much people to begin with.

Hausbrandt is located at Second Floor, NIC 2 Building, Capitol Central, N. Escario Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City.



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