Rossini Ristorante Italiano – S Maison, MOA

Sorry for not being on here for so long! I’ve been cooped up in home most of the time, so I didn’t really have anything interesting to post about. Today, after what feels like months (haha!) of not going out, I finally went somewhere, yay me!

Anyway, that somewhere is S Maison – a mall/retail complex that has recently opened besides Mall of Asia.


This is such a fancy mall, haha.


There are only a few stores open though, like Titan and Fully Booked. Most of the shops open here are restaurants.


There was this BMW car exhibit/promotion thing going on while we were there.


Love this car. I don’t think it’s advisable for driving around Manila though.

Ever since I read of all the new restaurants that have opened in S Maison, I’ve been raring to go. So today, despite the cold weather and typhoon, I seized the chance to go. I was actually planning to try Uma Uma Ramen, but when we got there, I was craving for pizza (that, and it didn’t help that Uma seemed to be full).

While waiting for our meal to arrive, we were served with complimentary bread, which we asked seconds of. They come served with an olive oil dip, and you can always ask for butter if you prefer butter with your bread.


What came next was the Minestrone soup. You can really taste the tomato here, but it wasn’t so overwhelming. I also love that there are a lot of beans in this soup, and near the bottom there’s also mozzarella cheese which adds to the yum factor. The bread that came with the soup tastes somehow stale to me though.


The appetizer we ordered was the Prosciutto e Mango o Melon. My mom asked that they place an equal amount of mango and melon, but I think that even if she didn’t, they would probably do just that? Haha, I don’t know. I ate at least three slices of the prosciutto, and because we don’t frequently eat cold cut meat, it was a sort-of new experience for us (lol!). We found it to be a bit salty, but not so much to merit a complaint. It was palatable at the very least.


I was looking for an all-meat pizza, my staple when it comes to ordering pizza (because I hate veggies huhu). They didn’t have an all-meat pizza, but according to our server, they do have two types that may fit the bill: there’s the Salciccia e Funghi (Tomato, mozzarella, red onions, and Italian sausage) and the Capricciosa (Tomato, mozzarella, Salame, olives, mushrooms, bellpeppers, and onions). We chose the latter. The pizza was alright, and I like the fact that it isn’t oily. There’s an ample amount of toppings, and they also compliment each other quite well.


We ordered two pastas: The carbonara and lasagna al fomo. If I’m not mistaken, I think the bacon they used in their carbonara is pancetta, but I’m not so sure. There’s too few of the bacon bits to really tell, haha. But, I did really like their carbonara. It’s creamy, but it isn’t so creamy that you’ll feel the ~umay~ kicking in, haha. Their lasagna al fomo packed a lot of meat! Literally. I think that even if you plow through the layers of lasagna, there would still be loads of sauce remaining. To be honest, this was actually the point where we asked for a second basket of the complimentary bread – you gotta use something to sop off all dem meat sauce lolzy.


We also ordered one seafood dish, which was the Pesce e Gamberi Arrosto. Not fond of seafood, I didn’t try this one, but I did take a photo of it!

I really love the awesome presentation they have when it comes to their food. It looks so classy – but, more importantly, they are also quite delicious too. One thing I wish they would do though was to include a piece of bread or something with their pasta dishes.

Ambiance was really good. If you get lucky (like we did!), you can get a seat facing the Manila Bay, and while eating, or waiting for your food, you can just admire the view. They also offer free wi-fi, but I (and several of the people with me) found it to be too slow. The servers were also very attentive, so you won’t experience any difficulties when you want to ask them something. I also think that for the quality of their food, the price they have is already reasonable. The owner also tend to roam around asking the customers how the food is and such – we even had the chance to take a photo with him, haha.

Here’s a cropped and altered version of the photo. ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ



Anyway, there’s a lot of awesome restaurants that I have yet to try here, so I will definitely go back to S Maison soon!

This review was also posted on my Zomato account.


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