Universal Studios & S.E.A Aquarium – Singapore

We spent our 3rd day in Singapore in Sentosa Island, where we went to Universal Studios and S.E.A Aquarium. From our hotel, we took a taxi, which brought us to Resorts World Sentosa, and from there, we walked to Universal Studios. There are also other ways that you can get to Sentosa Island, one of which is by MRT and then by bus, and I think you can also get there by cable car.

As soon as we got in, we hurried to queue for the popular rides as somehow we were traumatised by our experience in both Universal Studios Japan and Disney Sea.


The first ride that we queued in was the Transformers 3D ride. Compared to the theme parks in Japan, the queue wasn’t that long, but it was enough for some people to back out of it anyway. I think we lined up for 40 minutes or so that I was getting quite worried that all the rides would have long queues like this one.



Not wanting to bore myself to death waiting for our turn, I took several photos of the interior of the place.


Two people dressed as Anubis. You can take a photo op with them if you want to.


Outside the Mummy ride. This is another roller coaster ride like the Transformers one. Since we had to leave our things inside a locker to get on, my parents ended up staying outside, so I went in with my brother. The ride was quite dark and I couldn’t really see much of anything, but it was enjoyable, nonetheless.

We went to Jurassic World as well, but I didn’t get to take photos. We rode the canopy flyer there, and my sock almost fell off as the ride started. ;;

We had lunch at Far, Far Away. To be honest, I didn’t think the food was worth it.


The inside of the restaurant, Friar’s (I think. Can’t exactly remember the name).



Donkey with his half-dragon kids.


We watched the Shrek 4D Adventure and it was okay, I suppose.


The (onion?) carriage that Shrek and Fiona used for their wedding. Behind is a “kid’s” roller coaster. We tried it and though not as intense as the Mummy or Transformers, it’s still enough to make your heart beat faster!


After another roller coaster ride, we headed off to Madagascar.

As we were seated and resting our feet, these characters walked by.

Alex and Gloria if I’m not mistaken.


King Julien! Haha, this is one of the shots that I like the most.


The sky was really gloomy, and it looked as though it was about to rain. Which it did, after a couple of minutes.


When it rained, we were on the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure ride. Now I think this ride is for children more than it is for adults, but the lines weren’t that long, and it did provide us some shelter from the rain, if only for a while.


Churros! I’m still a bit down that I wasn’t able to try them. ;;


Also, I regret eating at the restaurant near Shrek’s castle and not here. BECAUSE HAMBURGERS. ;_;


The rain wasn’t that strong when we went inside Lights, Camera, Action! It was great, but there were no seats provided. Anyway, inside they show you how several special effects are made.


It was raining hard and it seems as though most of the theme park goers are here.

The famous Universal Studios Globe. After this, we made our way to S.E.A Aquarium. S.E.A, if I’m not mistaken, stands for South East Asia.




As we passed the entrance, there was an exhibit going on.


There was also another exhibit on the side, but you had to pay an additional fee to go in.


Before we got into the aquarium proper, we saw these animals outside.


There’s also a small café you can go to before entering the aquarium or before leaving.


There were other fishes inside, but the most dominating creature here would be the sharks.


I could stare at this aquarium for the whole day and still not get tired of the sight.


We stayed here watching the stingrays and manta rays for close to an hour. There were also some sharks that made cameo appearances too while we were there.


I think it’s obvious that I’m in love with these jellyfishes.


Huge crabs!


So many fishes! Then again, it’s an aquarium so that’s to be expected, haha.


Finally, we’re at the end of our excursion to S.E.A Aquarium.


We took a cab going back to our hotel. After that, we were all exhausted from all the walking that we did that day. Anyway, our 3rd day was (probably) the most action-packed day we had in our whole trip to Singapore.

On our 4th and last full day in Singapore, we went to Haji Lane and Orchard Road (ION Mall), but since I didn’t really take much photos, I’ll just leave that out.

Anyway, till next time! (*≧▽≦)



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