Universal Studios Japan

For our last full day in Japan, we spent it in Universal Studios Osaka. I think that it wasn’t really a bad way to spend our last day. I’m not really complaining, but I would have liked it better if our tour was extended one day more so that we could explore Osaka.

As we approached the entrance of the theme park, we were greeted with flags with various Universal Studios characters like minions and the very famous Hello Kitty. This was new information to me, as before the trip I wouldn’t have thought to see Hello Kitty in Universal Studios.


The entrance. There’s a big ’15th’ there because Universal Studios Osaka was celebrating their 15th year anniversary.


Hollywood Dream is one of the most famous rides inside, it’s a, surprise surprise, roller-coaster ride. The lines are really long, like you have to wait 3 hours before you can get on the ride. We didn’t get to try it though, but from the looks of it, it does look like a lot of fun. Anyway, I suggest that if you go to Universal Studios Osaka, you should buy a fast pass ticket. Unlike in Disneyland, where the fast pass ticket is free, in Universal Studios Osaka, their equivalent of a fast pass ticket is not free. I think that one ticket = 5 rides, inclusive of the rides located in the Harry Potter section. I think it’s worth your money though, as with the fast pass ticket, you would be able to skip the lines. However, I think you have to buy it in advance (or go there early), as tickets sell like hotcakes. That is, people immediately snatch it up.


After we got our tickets to get inside Hogwarts (haha), we tried our hand in lining up for a ride. These are a bunch of mannequins on display that you can see while lining up for the Jaws ride.


The kid knows what’s up. ShaaaAArrks. Anyway, we didn’t get to ride, as after queuing for an hour or so, we were nowhere near the end of the line.


See those rails there? That’s part of the Hollywood Dream ride. As you can see in this photo, there’s a lot of people, so I advise that you come early if you have the chance to do so.


I like how American this looks. You can go and take a bunch of photos with these vintage cars.

I really liked walking through the streets, I mean, come on, look at the details of the signs and shop windows! This is how I envision America to look like in the 1920s maybe.


Minions are a constant in USJ.


One of the various places you can eat when inside Universal Studios Osaka.


When I said minions were a constant, I meant it.


See? Minions are a definite hit in Japan.


I think this recreates the famous scene where Spiderman kissed MJ, MJ still being clueless to the fact that Spiderman is Peter Parker. You can take a photo with Spidey here.


The Spiderman ride, which is one of the best rides found in the theme park. Although, if you ask me, all the rides here are ‘best’ in a way, since all the rides have really long queues!


While waiting for our turn to get into the Terminator ride, there was a Minion parade, and we were able to get a great view of it from our place in the line. Anyway, the Terminator ride was conducted all in Japanese, and we didn’t really get to enjoy it because of the language barrier.


Minions again. I ordered their Hamburger Steak, and it was pretty good.


Inside the restaurant’s bathroom. How could I resist not taking a selca? 🙂 Haha, I do love the light fixtures on the side, I think it’s what you’d expect in dressing rooms for actors/actresses in Hollywood.


The interiors of the restaurant. Forgot the name though but it’s very near the Terminator ride, or should I say theatre?


I didn’t realise this at the time, but I think this is the Shingeki no Kyojin attraction!


Another one of the various shops inside USJ that you can buy some snacks in. Note: Universal Studios Osaka is much more lenient compared to Tokyo DisneySea when it comes to bringing in food. I think they didn’t even bother checking our bags.


So at 3:30 PM, we could finally enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This is the famous Hogwarts Express train.


Hogsmeade! A stall selling butterbeer! And look, so many people! :’)


Tomes & Scrolls. You can’t really enter this shop though, it’s just there for display.


We were able to chance upon a performance by the Beauxbaton girls.


The Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students.


Even if I’m not much of a fan of Harry Potter, I was impressed with the Hogwarts Castle.


It does look large and imposing in photos, although in real life, it was a bit smaller than I would have thought it would be.


Singing Toads. Another performance that we were able to watch.


I think that the red-haired girl sort of looks like Hermione, but apparently she’s not from Gryffindor, maybe a Hufflepuff? I’m not really much of a fan of Harry Potter, but I’m sure that red = Gryffindor and green = Slytherin. Not sure about the colours purple and yellow, though.


White sakura! We saw this tree near the exit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


We were also able to chance upon the performance of the group ‘R&B Soul Mix’.


Everywhere you look, you’re bound to see one of these babies.


Still not over the minion mania.


The famous Universal Studios globe.


I saw these characters exit USJ, and I thought I was being sneaky, but apparently, they saw me taking a photo of them. Now I feel the embarrassment all over again, haha.


At least they were actually nice enough to pose.


Trying to be artsy.


We were able to have our dinner at Universal Port, a hotel that’s just a few minutes walk away from Universal Studios. It was a buffet, and there were a lot of choices to choose from.


Look at them, all smug looking, haha.


Minion madness. Come sit with a lonely minion, why don’t you?

Haha, anyway, this is the last of my Japan post! I’m already excited to go back, though I have no idea when that would be. 🙂


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