Shangri-la Mactan

Having first opened its doors on the year 1993, Shangri-la Mactan continues to be one of the best resorts that you can stay in when you’re in Cebu. From your first step into their lobby, you will immediately be warmly greeted with sunny smiles from their accommodating staff.

Exploring Shangri-la Mactan


Covering 13 hectares, you won’t ever get bored when staying in Shangri-la. There’s all sorts of activities that caters to people of all ages. You can go to the beach, go jogging, swimming in one of their pools, and a whole lot more. That, and if you find a IG-worthy shot, fear not, because you can immediately share it on your feed; the resort’s fast internet connection can be found all throughout the property, even if you’re just lounging around the beach, or walking around the gardens.


A view of the beach.


One of the few cabanas scattered around the place that you can request to have a massage in, for a fee. That, or you can also just opt to sit there and admire the view of the beach, provided that no one’s inside anyway.


E-Zone, a place which offers billiards and other games. Inside you can find a small Time Zone too.




Chicken Inasal, or roasted chicken. This is only available until 4PM.



Our order of Lechon Inasal. Since we were the last ones to order, they gave us 3 free puso, or what is also known as hanging rice. Puso is rice that is stored inside a triangular casing made of woven coconut leaves.


With how hot it was, I couldn’t resist ordering a can of Coke.


My order, the Smoked Burger. It was alright, and though one might expect that the bun would taste different because of its charcoal colour, it doesn’t. It just tastes like a normal bun.

The Beach


The way going to the beach.


As we went during the weekend, there were a lot of people, both locals and foreigners alike enjoying the beach. Still, as is true during the weekdays, it seems as though there were more foreigners than locals.


What I like about Shangri-la Mactan is that the sand found in their beach is fine, and it doesn’t hurt to walk around if you decide to go bare foot.


As it was low-tide, there didn’t seem to be much people swimming.


There were a lot of people doing exactly this: group shots. 🙂


I can sit for hours here just admiring this awesome view of the sky and the sea.


Jam packed. It’s hard to jockey for seats here, as most seats are already occupied.


This is one of the ‘attractions’ that caters to kids. Though there’s little, if not no, chance for the kids here to drown, still, there’s a lifeguard on duty that watches this area.


A view of the hotel.


Huge chess board, where you can play against another person as the pieces can be moved around.

Room review


Almost, if not all, rooms in Shangri-la Mactan has a balcony with ranging views. Our room came with this balcony with this view.


This is our room with all the basics that you can expect when you stay in a hotel.


I like how their double beds are bigger compared to other hotels. It’s comfy too, which would  guarantee anyone a good night’s rest.


To end this post, here’s a panoramic view of our view from our hotel room. As always, staying in Shangri-la Mactan proved to be a very nice and relaxing experience. 😀


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