Tokyo Tower – Japan

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve last posted a blog post, and that’s because I went to Japan! Yep, you’ve read that right. Being a fan of anime and manga, not to mention Japanese culture as well, it has always been a dream of mine to go there. Thus, I was thrilled when my parents told me that we were going to Japan. We joined a group tour though, so we didn’t really have much free time. Still, it was our first time there, and as we had been granted 5-years multiple entry, we still have the chance to go back – and next time, we can go and travel by ourselves.

Anyway, the first Tokyo attraction that I’m going to blog about would be the Tokyo Tower.


An up-close shot of the Tokyo Tower.

The Tokyo Tower is a large infrastructure located in Minato, Tokyo. I think that before the construction of the Tokyo Skytree, it was the largest tower in Japan. The architecture of the tower does have a resemblance with the Eiffel Tower located in Paris, although that may be because Naitō, the designer of most towers in Japan, had used it as an inspiration.


The entrance, where you would be taking an elevator up to the observation deck – which has two floors. When you go up the elevator, it will take you up to the second floor observation deck.


The Sky, the shop located on the second floor observation deck where you can buy official Tokyo Tower goods.

Some of the keychains that they had on display.


These were on display on the observation deck floor too.


I’m not exactly sure what you can see there as I didn’t have the chance to go in.

A glimpse of the view that you can see on the observation deck.


People admiring the view.


I think this is one of the interesting sights that you can see while on the observation deck floor – the look-down windows which is located on the first floor observation deck. It’s a glass window where you can see just how high up you are.


I’m not exactly sure what this kid is doing, haha.

Some more souvenirs you can buy.


This was on display on the first floor of the observation deck.

After looking around both observation decks, then you can take the elevator down. There’s an attendant inside the elevator, and he or she will drop you off on this floor, where they also sell official Tokyo Tower goods.


Actually, I think these toys sort of resembles traffic cones.


You can take photos here.


In the same floor, you can also see the Tokyo One Piece Tower. You can go inside the place for a fee.

Located at the ground floor, you will be greeted with a One Piece Store selling a lot of merchandise from the anime. There’s also a restaurant with a One Piece theme. It’s too bad that I’m not really a fan of the anime.


Tokyo Tower again!


A photo I took while inside the bus. The Asahi Beer Hall, which is besides the gold coloured building. According to our guide, the thing on top of it resembles a drop of beer that has fallen onto the table. In this photo, you can also see the Tokyo Skytree.

That’s it for now. Anyway, I’ll be posting some more (a lot more!) about my Japan trip in the coming days.


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