Sensō-ji (Asakusa Temple, Kaminarimon) – Japan

After our stop at Tokyo Tower, we headed off to see the Asakusa Temple. Asakusa Temple is one of the most famous temples in Japan, and it is the oldest temple that’s located in Tokyo, having been built at the year 645 AD.
Senso-ji Nitemon is the first torii (gate) that will greet you before you arrive at the Main Hall.

The Senso-ji Hondo, or the main hall. I wasn’t able to get up close as there had been a lot of people there. There were a lot of people burning incense sticks, though you cannot bring them inside the temple. Anyway, local Japanese believe that if you inhale the smoke that comes from the incense sticks, this will prevent you from becoming sick or heal you if you have illness.
In my opinion, one of the interesting things that you can do there is to draw your fortune, so to speak. It costs around a 100 yen. First, you have to drop your coin, and then shake a container that has sticks inside of it, draw one, and then read the number written on the stick. There are a bunch of small cabinets there, you just have to get a paper from the drawer that contains the same number as the one that’s written on the stick that you have.
A pagoda.

What really caught my eye were these lanterns. These were displayed as you go further down onto the Nakamise Shopping Arcade.
The struggle to take a clear photo of this statue was real. There were bars blocking the way, and I couldn’t really get a good angle, hence I wasn’t able to take a clear photo of his face.
A huge, red lantern.
Too bad that the cherry blossoms were not yet in full bloom
The road that leads to Nakamise Shopping Arcade.

Some of the things that you can see for sale. As you walk along Nakamise Shopping Arcade, and even around Asakusa Temple, you can also see a lot of locals, as well as tourists, wearing kimonos.

Some more photos of the merchandise you can see on display at Nakamise Shopping Arcade.
This is another huge, red lantern. It’s called the Kaminarinon Gate.
Some local girls wearing kimonos. It’s not only the locals that dress up though, as there are also many tourists that does the same thing. Dressing up in a kimono seems like a really fun thing to do, and a u – something that I myself want to do. It’s definitely something on my list to do when I go back to Japan.


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