Manila Zoo – Manila

It has been years since I last went to Manila Zoo, and yesterday after our lunch at Corniche, I finally had the chance to go back. The zoo was bigger than I remembered it to be, although that may be because when I last went, I was still around 9 or 10. This time around, I was able to look around more thoroughly.


Admission fee.

Some of the birds that you can see in Manila Zoo. An ostrich, parrot, and what I suppose is an eagle. I’m not sure what the last one is, at first I even thought that it was a statue. Until it flew, that is.


A giraffe. It’s not real, though. The giraffes, Sally and Molly, had died several years ago.


Mali the elephant. This is the sight that will first get your attention when you enter the zoo. It was quite disheartening seeing her in such a manner, though.

It’s actually a nice change of pace to be surrounded with nature, though it was very hot when we went. Still, it was great to just sit under the shade and enjoy the breeze.

More animals. A goat, the famous (?) zebra-horse hybrid, Philippine deers, and a carabao.


The zoo’s fish pond. There wasn’t much fish, but I did spot a bunch of big kois.

There are a lot of crocodiles in Manila Zoo.

There’s also a big lake inside the zoo.

Mali the Elephant again.

It was nice seeing the animals. What was not so nice was the condition that they were in. I think that with the admission fee, as well as (I hope) help from the government, they can transform Manila Zoo into something more. Most of the animals in the zoo somehow looked miserable, and I think that with a little improvement, the management could bring some joy to these animals’ lives. There is also a lack of personnel going around the zoo to keep watch of the visitors. While looking at the monkeys, I saw one of them fish a junk food wrapper out of the place where it drinks and bathes. It also tried to eat the wrapper though lost interest in it after a while.

To add, I think one obvious thing they can do for Mali is to maybe put some trees inside Mali’s pen so that she can have a little shade from the sun. It’s obvious that under the scorching heat, she wants to keep cool too.

Anyway, if you have the time, do go and visit Manila Zoo. Maybe even volunteer too, if you have the time.


Manila Zoo is located at Adriatico St, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines.




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