Corniche, Diamond Hotel – Manila

Yesterday, we headed to Diamond Hotel for lunch. Though the hotel has already been around for a long time, this was actually only my second time to go to Diamond Hotel. I doubt that I would even be able to go here if not for the fact that during the Travel Expo last January held at SMX, my mom was able to buy bargain-priced dining vouchers that can be used in the restaurants (Corniche, Yurakuen Japanese Restuarant, Lobby Lounge, Sky Lounge Music Bar) located at Diamond Hotel as well as the Cake Club located at Power Plant, Rockwell.


The view from our table. Since we went quite early, they were still preparing the buffet stations. That, and the only people milling about were the staff.

I was able to take photos of some of the buffet stations. There was only a few on display since it was still early. Anyway, though tempting – everything on display looked delicious – we stuck with our a la carte orders.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.41.43 PM

The first dish to arrive at our table is the Margherita Pizza. It was alright, although for me, it was a bit bland.


Next to arrive was my order. Bibimbab! It was delicious, and the spiciness of the dish was so-so. I don’t know, but recently, I’ve been craving for this dish. I think it all started back in January. During my brief teaching stint, whenever my Korean students would talk about food, Bibimbab would usually be mentioned, as well as the very famous ‘samgyeopsal’.

These two arrived at more or less the same time. The Diamond Burger and Spaghetti Bolognese with Freshly-grated Parmesan. I didn’t get the chance to eat the burger since I was already very full by the time it arrived. In the case of the Bolognese, I was able to try it, and it was really good.


So these two are the ones (sans my mom, who’s not included in the photo) I went to Corniche with. In between the both of them is the Assistant Manager of Corniche, Arman A. Gache who had been very accommodating all throughout our lunch.


He even gave us macaroons! The white ones are vanilla, the orange is salted caramel, and the violet is blueberry.


To end, I enjoyed our meal at Corniche. The ambiance was nice, the staff was friendly, and the food was good, and their serving was big too. That, and this time round, we only spent a minimal amount (around 700 pesos) compared to how much food we were given, so I think our visit really was sulit. Till next time, hopefully then I’ll be able to try their buffet. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Diamond Hotel is located at Quintos St, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines.


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